Friday, May 7, 2010

this charming girl...episode 12

put the kettle on...

(for a perfect brew.... )    12. ~ a mug of tea

it's part of my English heritage that'll never change - nothing beats a refreshing cuppa tea.
I drink tea of all kinds ~ Earl Grey, green tea, iced tea, fruity herbal combinations like raspberry & echinacea and good old, well brewed (that's 'steeped' in Canadian) English favourites like Yorkshire Tea, Tetley & PG Tips.

I don't care if it's brewed from fine, aromatic tea leaves in a traditional tea pot and served in a fine china cup & saucer, or from a everyday tea bag in a mug. I ♥ tea.

my daily morning fix even inspired me to create this Etsy tea treasury celebrating this beautiful beverage.

I'm obviously not alone in my adoration, the complimentary clicks & comments kept the treasury 'tae pot' SO hot,  it was featured on the Front page, Yay! ♥

however - there is another, slightly strange reason why  I am so fond of one particular tea bag brand... 

you may have noticed him earlier, Monkey.
he's one half of the legendary small screen double act that is 
Monkey & Al in the PG Tips TV ads.

we met him in a box of tea bags in an English supermarket, adopted him into our family.
when we moved to Canada, he bid farewell to his British friends and travelled with us.

he quickly settled into life in Ontario, he loved the warm summers and found his beloved PG Tips in the local grocery store.

he sometimes misses Al, but keeps in touch via facebook, and every so often he re-lives  their greatest moments on  YouTube, with misty eyes and a wry smile. ☺ 

go take a peek for yourself at a couple of their award winning classic performances....

...then raise a mug, to Monkey, Al & the perfect brew!


  1. Those commercials are hilarious! If only they were all that good, the breaks would be so entertaining. And now I really want some tea!

  2. This is just too funny! I'm a big tea lover too :)

  3. That monkey thing is hilarious. I love tea, yet I hardly ever drink it. I don't know why! Reading this definitely makes me want a cup of it.