Friday, May 21, 2010

this charming girl...episode 13

happy birthday, Buddha ♥

Buddha's birthday is celebrated today ~ in all east Asian countries, except Japan. It is held on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and  is an official holiday in Hong KongMacau, and South Korea. The date varies from year to year in the Gregorian calendar.

13. ~ a golden sitting Buddha.

he is my own little personal gentle reminder to remain positive, peaceful  & treat others with love & respect. Buddhists value above all else having compassion for others and causing them no harm. A fundament of compassion is ridding oneself of anger, greed, hatred and other negative emotions, for in the presence of those it is impossible to feel loving kindness.

...and while you celebrate Buddha's special day,  why not consider  balancing the body and mind using an ancient Eastern wellness belief based on seven energy centers (Chakras) that govern all your organs and work together as one system, yet independently. 
there are many different ways to charge our chakra centers such as meditation, yoga, sunlight & food... but my favourite way by far involves bracelets or thumblets created from crystals & gemstones.

gemstones and minerals are energy forms. crystals contain a similar crystalline structure as the human body, they amplify energy ~ wearing gemstone jewelry or placing gemstones and minerals in your environment is a simple way to absorb the stone or mineral’s healing vibrations.
the beautiful thumblets above are the work of the very talented Dee-Ann from Dee's Adornments ~ they are made from the perfect stones to focus your energy & balance your chakras.

Dee-Ann explains ..." For those who work on balancing their chakra, it can help to have stones that resonate with that chakra to focus on and through. While meditating or doing other work with your first chakra, drape this band of garnets around your thumb. The weight and cool feeling of the gemstones against your skin will help you to focus, and the garnets are associated with the first chakra to help you ground yourself."

check out Dee's Adornments  etsy shop to see her full range of  7 stunning thumblets, each made with great love, care & attention, and the right stone / colour for focusing positive energy flow through each of the 7 centers.

when you visit, you'll also find exquisite, unique handmade jewelry pieces, like this wonderful turquoise & silver flower charm / pendant.

simply gorgeous ♥

peace, love & harmony to you all. ☺

photos of giant Buddha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong ©2007 Tim Darbyshire Photography


  1. To this day, words from the book "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Lama echo in my heart.

  2. Wonderful post...Thank-you!!!

  3. fantastic post, you're a star!!

  4. Thanks very much for featuring my little thumblets. :)