Monday, May 3, 2010

Rave (& Save) reviews for the Mini Series!

I love the month of May - Spring is well & truly sprung, the grass is green, daffodils & tulips are brightening up the everyday world around us...
...and of course, it'll soon be Mother's Day! ♥

I thought things couldn't get any better..BUT they have!
Wonderful 'Supermom' Emmi has posted an awesome 3 day review of my mini soaps on her brilliantly informative & entertaining blog, Mommy's 'Free' Time, as part of her May is For Moms feature.
There's loads more candid reviews, fabulous giveaways and cool stuff to read so check it out!

wanna know what Emmi thought of the Mini Series? check out the links below...there's a DISCOUNT code too, only valid for the month of May, so hurry! ☺



  1. LOve your soaps and packaging is delightful eye candy !

  2. love it! Hey I still have to put up the award you gave me but I've got one for you too! Looks like you have already gotten it but here it is again! LOL