Friday, April 30, 2010

this charming girl...episode 11

happy campers ☺
this beautiful & somehow nostalgic 'road trip'  treasury
created a while ago by the brilliant & hugely talented artist Meghann from the Botanical Theatre
reignited a certain spark forever in my soul - the desire to travel as a free spirit.
 visit Meghann's Etsy shop to discover her stunning pieces, all inspired by the subtleties of the natural world. Her images allow people to wander and explore what is not quite there, to see the beauty in the overlooked.

...and while that spark will have to patiently remain as a glowing ember for now, it has also brought my thoughts back to some treasured memories of Vintage Wheels... 

11. ~ a vw badge

i'm not sure what it is, but i have a cheerful soft spot for VW vehicles, like the Very Wonderful Beetle cars & the Vibrantly Whimsical camper vans! 

maybe it's happy childhood memories of camping in the countryside & trips to the seaside...

...that irresistibly cheeky love bug, Herbie...

...or slightly ahem, hazier memories of magical mystery tours of the UK following punk rock bands with my dear friends Ju & Rich in their (mostly) faithful & (always) old cheery orange camper van...

...or even,  far more recent & responsible reunions supporting worthwhile causes like Oxfam, at wonderful summer music festivals.

whatever the attraction of these automobiles with a sunny disposition , this love story will continue it's journey, i'm sure. ♥
have a great trip! ☺

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  1. Love your pictures. My sister has the same attraction,lol.