the cast of soaps

the heat is on...
sizzling in the sun & baking over the bbq?
beat the burn with tingling peppermint, 
refreshing cucumber & soothing aloe vera.
goodbye hot & bothered, aloe COOL!

lie back, close your eyes and imagine....
warm sunshine on your skin, sand under your feet and the relaxing sounds of the surf. let the evocative mix of lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint and sweet orange essential oils, transport you to the beach. co-starring the natural health benefits of multi-talented seaweed and exfoliating orange peel sand. the perfect rescue...

butterfly island
An oasis of natural beauty ~ wild flowers, organic herbs and fragrant blooms. The gentle buzz of a passing bumble bee & the perfect symmetry of a monarch's wing.
Lilac, lavender & lilies in a soft purple haze...
Love is like a butterfly ♥

coffeenation street
indulge in your very own soap opera starring the delicious aromas of organic fairtrade coffee, vanilla bean & vanilla essential oil with a whole host of moisturizing extras such as cocoa butter and coconut oil. pure bliss...
support the clean cut & lobby against the 5 o'clock shadow!
rich creamy lather, sensuous sandalwood aroma & white (house) clay will smooth the way for the closest shave...
a presidential choice.

i'm not one to gossip but.... after therapy of the retail kind, a certain queen B can't resist bathing with the indulgent combination of pure heavenly honey & silky soft fresh milk. so follow suit and shop til you drop then let your skin feel rich with a golden sweet glow and the most divine scent - you'll be the talk of the town! xo xo

drift back in time along the golden nile, to the valley of the queens of egypt.
enjoy the warm mysterious scent of amber, vanilla, lavender & black myrrh with a hint of egyptian musk. 
behind every great pharaoh is the golden goddess  ~ isis.

a morning star is born!    
bathe in the limelight with the fresh, invigorating scent of mouthwatering citrus fruits blended with the sweet, spicy floral aromas of neroli & petitgrain essential oils...start the day feeling wonderfully refreshed and ready to go!

Surf's up & summer's here!
Gentle, creamy lather abloom with a lei of exotic floral scents ~ plumeria, jasmine & hibiscus for a shaving experience as cool & soft as Hawaiian shaved ice.
Wave goodbye to feeling rough, say 'aloha' to smooth, silky legs and hit the beach running!

dancing with the stars all night  + towering stilettos = unhappy feet :-(
Revive your soles with the soothing sensation of peppermint & eucalyptus essentail oils and smoothing pumice scrub.
click your heels together...the dancing queen is back!

house B.D.
all natural, biodegradable & eco-friendly.
clean with a clear conscience,
fresh laundry without harsh chemicals,
wash up without toxic waste.
care for your household & the earth,
go green with lemongrass & sweet orange oil.
the diagnosis?
act natural - feel good :-)

can't wait for summer...?
well manicured lawns & blooming beds
playing ball & perfecting your pitch in the park
long lazy days, picnics & daisy chains
with the wonderful scent of freshly cut lawns, the grass really is greener already!

act natural * feel good
au naturale * look good
no fragrances, no colourants, no chemicals
just naked beauty - pure & simple!

this historic leading lady captures the classic combination of rich dark chocolate and cool, crisp mint aromas - featuring fairtrade organic cocoa and peppermint essential oil.               
a right royal performance...encore!

set sail for tranquil waters, drop anchor and unwind....
this shipmate is brimming overboard with calming and rejuvenating essential oils - orange, lemongrass, lime, pine, cedarwood and oakmoss. like a gentle sea breeze that clears the mind and renews the soul...bon voyage!

(maid in) paradise falls
wash away those early morning blues
hit the power shower & start a fresh with the exhilarating sensation of a brisk splash of cool water as you kayak through white water rapids right to the edge... the mist clears
after a storm comes a calm ~ at the end of the rainbow, peace.

paris bathe fabulously forever

rien ne se peut comparer à Paris 
nothing can compare to Paris
the city of love ~ the city of light,
the most romantic destination in the world.
bathe in the beautiful perfume of rosé champagne,
pink grapefruit & delicate rose petals 
pour inhaler Paris conserve l'âme
to inhale Paris preserves the soul ♥

mellow yellow taxis, glistening skyscrapers, soft golden light streaming into grand central station & the shimmering art deco crown of the chrysler building piercing the manhatten sky...                                     
...and then there's the cheesecake ~ rich, creamy, full of decadent yet delicate, sensuous vanilla.
I ♥ NY!

once upon a time there were three little herbs (chamomile, calendula & aloe vera) who went to the sensitive skin academy and they were each assigned very special duties ~ softening, soothing and protecting delicate skin from the elements & hazardous chemicals. now they work for me... 
my name is soapstar. 

make every day a Sundae!                     
treat yourself to the yummy sweet scent of childhood favourites - juicy summer berries, heavenly ice cream, cool whipped cream & a rainbow of sprinkles...
please can i have some more? :-)

have a splashing time pampering your pooch!
doggy friendly suds with peppermint, lavender, tea tree & citronella oils, that repel those pesky, unwanted visitors like fleas & mosquitoes - leaving your best friend feeling like top dog with a fresh, healthy coat. 
you'd be barking mad not to! 

life in the fast lane?  overwhelmed in a city that never sleeps?              
get street wise - let the uplifting and warmly stimulating aromas of lime & ginger essential oils rejuvenate & sharpen your senses.     
you'll be king of the road again!

z bars
black, white
left, right
day, night
opposites attract with the amazing skin benefits of activated charcoal & white kaolin clay,  with a dash lemon scented tea tree oil.
perfectly balanced for healthy skin.