Sunday, July 18, 2010

eventful tales of a soapstar party girl!

this charming girl... parts 16 & 17 (a tale of 2 parties)

16. ~ a glamorous cocktail.   17. ~ totally impractical but absolutely fabulous shoes.
forever a party girl at ♥.

firstly, in June - the Canadian Feed The Children charity hosted a donor appreciation event at the fabulous Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto (one of my favourite places to wander around &  the inspiration behind 'The Heels' ~ read more on that story here).
this wonderful night was to honour some very special people &  present awards to the generous organizations who support the charity's worthwhile &  so desperately needed work. Representatives visiting from Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti and Uganda were on hand to meet supporters and describe their work first-hand.

I was honored to be asked to donate some of my soaps which were sold at 
the International Artisan Marketplace on the night. 

all proceeds raised from the sales of donated products are going to support  programs  to help communities thrive, families prosper and children reach their full potential.  It was a great evening & I was delighted to know my soaps raised money for such a good cause.
please visit to find out how you can help. ☺

secondly, I held my very first soapstar party!
although I was nervous before, it turned out a fun, relaxed evening with friends & the odd glass of bubbly... 
I sold a lot of soap, took some bulk orders & learnt some valuable lessons for next time.
go shop girl, z bars and lawn& order were the top sellers on the night which also debuted new products including body butters, lip balms and hawaii shave-O mini soaps which went down a storm! 
a huge thank you to all who came & especially to my loyal & very efficient assistants, Tim, Becca & Anne. ♥

there were plenty of testers on display to scratch & sniff!

cheers ladies (and gent..
party on! ☺

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  1. How wonderful to have your products benefit such a worthy cause.
    And congrats on the party!