the reviews

what they're saying....

"Top quality handmade soap that smells divine.... I even got a free gift (little 'feet' soap that I'm just in love with), and the postcards are such a great idea! :D"

"Received the soap! LOVE it - smells wonderful, can't wait to use it :)"

"Thanks! I cannot wait .... to receive your awesome soaps."

"Vicky, they look good enough to eat..."

"This week I am mostly using "Baywash",   it is very good, smells nice and outdoorsy, a fresh smell - I like it!"

"it smells lovely and I love the texture and the honeycomb feature, well impressed"

"I love my Mint Chocolate...and (my husband), his Baywash! They rinse off so well and leave a very subtle hint of the scent! Thanks Vicky!!!!!! :o) (still need to try the others- debating whether to share any yet...might keep them all for"

"... tried the coffee vanilla one - LOVE IT!! You can never have enough coffee :)"

"I'm in love! The aroma coming from the gift box was spectacular and the presentation was lovely. My favorite looking soap is - Lawn & Order. Beautiful! The shop owner was also very nice ;) "

"This week I am mostly using "neighboats" light, young and somewhat vanilla-y? like it very much"