Thursday, April 29, 2010

and the winners are....

blog award!

I was honoured to recently receive this inspiring  Award from the very talented Chriss from The Art of Zen.....Crochet.  Wow!, a huge thank you, Chriss. ☺
Please take a moment to check out her awesome blog, which is always a very interesting yet entertaining read - full of eco friendly ideas & recipes, and how to embrace life through applying the art of Zen to everyday tasks.
Her Etsy shop is a must visit too, featuring ethical, sustainable and beautiful Crochet designs, from  practical hemp drawstring market bags to exquisite scarves & tribal neckpieces made from recycled sari silk. ♥

By accepting the award, I must now complete the following 7 steps to give this award its proper respects!! They are:

1. Post the award on my blogspot.
2. Thank the person who gave it to me.
3. Link to the person who gave this to me.  See above!
4. Share a list of 7 things that you probably don't know about me... 

5. Choose 7 great bloggers to give the award to.
6. Share a link to their blogs.
7. Leave a comment on their blog.

Seven things you didn't know about me......probably!
1. I am a typical Libran - an arbitrator, eager to hear both sides, well balanced... although I'm sure my kids would beg to differ, lol!
2. I LOVE horses,  I was lucky enough to have a pony as a young girl & I long to own another horse one day...
3. I cycle (or walk) everywhere I can - including work.
4. I am Leeds United until I die. (...I have kinda adopted hockey as a backup sport to footy now I'm in Canada though)
5. I am extremely sentimental & hoard everything... I still have my very first pair of shoes!
6. ...the shoes are still coming, guess I am a bit obsessed.
7. As a teenager, I had a bright red Mohican (Mohawk hairstyle). 
8. A nice cup of tea or a pint of Cider always goes down well!
9. I would love to go into space.
10. If I was granted one wish it would be peace, health & happiness for everyone.  :-)

Here are the 7 bloggers I'm passing the award onto... check them out!
Inspirational Beading
Little Bear's Mom
From Misery To Happiness

Mommy's "Free" Time 
Liz-Anna's lakeside studio
Joanniel's Creations
the road to here


  1. YAH! Thanks Vicky! I'm so excited! And I can't wait to write your review. The post will be up on Sunday!!!
    BTW- I enjoyed feeding your fish on the side! =)

  2. Thank you so much! I always love meme awards - they're such a neat way to meet new bloggers. I'll be sure to pass this one on for Inspirational Beading!

  3. Thank you Vicky, you are so sweet! I'll try to get the post up in the next day or so :)

  4. Thanks for your choosing my blog, Vicky, and your nice comments!

  5. You rock! In a Soapy way. LOL. Thank you so much for the mini review on what I do! I'd asy the award to you was well deserved.

  6. Congrats on your award and thank you for sharing it with me. We are leaving in just a few minutes for a week long vacation but I will add the award to my blog when we get back home.

    Have a great week and thanks again!