Tuesday, April 6, 2010

this charming girl...episode 8

ziggy played guitar...

8. ~ a guitar.

hey, Joe - release your inner Hendrix, coz April is the international month of the guitar!

...and you don't even need an air guitar to celebrate - check out
the totally awesome Benny & the Jet  etsy store...

"handmade guitar string jewellery... recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly funky fashion so you can wear your music!

custom painted vinyl records...
one-of-a-kind art for your jam space."
i'm lovin' this deep purple haze, tangerine dream piece of art
called 'purple tiger' 
they truly rock ♥

music has always been a huge part of my life.
growing up near London, England in the 70s & 80s, with 7 older siblings meant i was constantly exposed to an exciting & eclectic soundtrack of rock through the ages - from glam to indie via funk, house, prog rock, hip hop, metal, ambient, ska & punk !

...my teenage years (& every bit of cash i could lay my hands on) were spent on records & going to gigs.
i followed the bands i loved around the country, sometimes around europe too ~ some of the people i met & the adventures had, would make your hair stand on end (which is kinda what mine did back then, lol!) 
but they're saved for another post, another charm...
the day came i had to get a regular job - so i headed straight down to my local record store.
i stayed working in music retail for over 15 years... sweet!

anyhow, back to the guitar & a few of my heroes
from fave bands The Cult, Kasabian & Killing Joke

pics courtesey of ...totallylikeduh! , adventuresofsas & francoise massacre
under creative commons license - thanks guys!

i still have a big soft spot for The Cult & the legendary Killing Joke, both were bands that i followed religiously in my mis-spent youth (bought the T-shirt, hung out with, lucky enough to sell their Tshirts on the merchandise stall on tour).

duffy now pic courtesy of zioWoody, b&w then pics Louise Raygun

then pics courtesy of Affendaddy,  now Geordie by francoise massacre , Jaz & Youth by alterna2

both are still rocking out & touring this coming year ☺

Kasabian are a more recent music crush - more on them another day...

so now's the month to start a garage band, blag a hot ticket, get 'down the front' (english slang for the mosh pit) or just blow the high scores away on Rock Band!

whatever your gig - strike a chord.

...here's some awesome bands i've seen in Toronto since i moved here - thank you for the music, guys!

kaiser chiefs

the kooks



..and last but by no means least - the pigeon detectives
from leeds, leeds, leeds!

...jammin' good with Weird & Gilly and The Spiders From Mars.

 Bowie reportedly said that Bauhaus played the song "the way [he] should"


  1. I envy you. Growing up near London just seems so cool. I hope I get a chance to visit someday. Great post!

  2. You have received the Kreativ Blogger award!! Please see my blog for details.