Sunday, February 28, 2010

this charming girl....episode 1 maple leaf

i've always been obsessed with all things miniature. i think this love of the lilipution comes from childhood memories of my late dad  (richard negri - theatre designer) making models of theatres, set designs and  people in costume. i can clearly recall a tiny but perfect, purple umbrella he made for me, from a coloured cellophane candy wrapper, after weeks of me bugging him. i loved that delicate little umbrella.
many years later my petite passion shows no sign of fading. my treasured charm bracelet is a living testament to this. each charm represents a place, time, person, animal, interest or memory that i hold dear.
last count, there were 52 little charms...but there's alway space for another.
every charm has a story - each week i'd like to share one ♥

1. ~ a maple leaf.
over 20 years ago in England, one of my sisters met a Canadian. she moved to Ontario & married him.
i spent countless vacations visiting them and fell in love with this breathtakingly beautiful country.
in 2008 i followed suit and moved here permanently with my family.
i feel at home.

my little maple leaf charm is actually silver but for today it's GOLD ~ in honour of all the dedicated and amazingly talented Olympic athletes that have done this nation proud in the Vancouver 2010 games  ☺  


  1. What a lovely post! Our athlete certainly have done an amazing job!

  2. Love that charm and bracelet. And I so enjoyed the Olympics. I'm going to have a little withdrawal I'm afraid.

  3. How neat is that! It must have taken forever to find the right ones :)

  4. thank you! you know, it's funny but the right thing always seems to come along - quite a few are gifts from friends & family, others i've 'fashioned' myself - there's even a lost earring's other half, lol. stay tuned for more charming tales...☺

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  6. I am a huge fan of charm necklaces/bracelets! What a neat childhood memory. :)

    Stopping by from the "Friday Follow" and am now following you too! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I am following via FF and hope you have a great Friday..