Sunday, March 14, 2010

this charming girl...episode 3 gardeners trowel & fork

My very own Mother Nature ♥

3. gardeners trowel & fork

today is Mother's Day in the UK...and tho i love & call Canada home now ~ i am proud to say i was born & raised in England. and so it seems the perfect moment for a little heart felt tribute to my late Mum ♥.

there are SO many wonderful thoughts, emotions & memories i could share with you about my Mum, she was the best.

but for now, let's begin with her amazing green fingers! she was an avid gardener and a font of all knowledge when it came to wild flowers, and the vibrant array of birds, bees & butterflies that call such habitats home.

whenever i see or smell a wild flower garden i only need to close my eyes, and i'm back at my parents little cottage in norfolk, amidst the fragrant oasis of colour that surrounded it.

her eco horticultural gene seems to have been passed onto most of us in some form or another, but her natural talent for encouraging Mother Nature to bloom at her best, is most obvious in 2 of my sisters who now create beautiful garden designs for others.
there's Jo in Connecticut with English Borders and my local sister, Anne who has several projects running from her tranquil river side location in Garden Hill, Ontario including the Edible Garden (seedlings, home made cheeses, jams & cordials etc) made from her lovingly tended home-grown plants & produce.

Mum must be looking over me still, as i have found a special place near my home ~ the Cobourg Ecology Garden which is full of the flora, fauna & spirit she adored.  whenever i feel melancholy, full of excitement or just happy to be,  i cycle there and breathe in the joyous aroma. it never fails to make me smile ☺

to support this gorgeous little area of natural beauty
i have created butterfly island ~ a heavenly handmade soap bar. For each bar sold $2 will be donated to the Ecology Garden.

"An oasis of natural beauty ~ wild flowers, organic herbs and fragrant blooms. The gentle buzz of a passing bumble bee & the perfect symmetry of a monarch's wing.
Lilac, lavender & lilies in a soft purple haze...
Love is like a butterfly ♥"

if love is like a butterfly, shouldn't we all plant more lilac, buddleia or lavender and share the love....?

for Mum x

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