Saturday, June 12, 2010

kick off....

FIFA World Cup - South Africa 2010

for those of you that know me well, it'll be no surprise that I may be a tad 'missing in action' for the next month - only to be found glued to a screen, losing my voice through screaming at 22 footy players  and a football  (soccer ball to my Canadian friends).

England kick off their first group match against the States, today at 2.30pm EST.
Come on, England!!

Join the footy festival - a carnival of talent, colour & noise...
party at your local bar showing the games or try out a few tricks at the beach - make Pele proud ☺

I'm singing already..."three lions on a shirt..."


  1. Enjoy all the games, see you in a month!!!

  2. Good wishes for England, Vic! Don't forget to pick up some lozenges.